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This project is also part of my design sprint where I picked one web based application a weekend that I have experience with and tried to use my skills and expertise to enhance its user experience. redesign project happened on one of the weekends where I broke down the amazon website into different design disciplines and improvized solutions on each of these disciplines. The disciplines were - Information Design, UI Design, Interaction Design and Visual Design.

I am an online buyer and tend to buy mostly online. I also am an Amazon prime member and have been using the prime benefits a lot. But everytime I go to the website, being a designer, I alaways think about the website and much information is cluttered and put in the website as if it was a data dump website. Certainly, the website lacks a good user experience, but nonetheless owing to its huge infrastruture and varied prompt services, Amazon still has been thriving well in the e-commerce market. But what was annoying to me was that there has been very little effort being put to understand the expeirence of a user and improvize the website to provide a better experience. I took this as a challenge on one of the weekends and sat down to redesign the desktop website, keeping in mind the branding and some of the business interests in the website. I was able to redesign only the home page and may be in one of the upcoming weekends, I will deep dive and redesign some more pages.

I would love to hear from you all. Please feel free to shoot any feedback or get in touch with me to see a detailed walkthrough of my proposed design. Email me at

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My Role

User Experience Designer, Visual Design

Tools Used

UX Design: Sketch

Design Idea

The project started with the idea of improving my own skills and testing them to see how I can use my learnings and design expertise to design better experience for real working web based products. Of course, the best ones to choose for the project, are the ones which you are yourself a user of, as you already are aware of the problems and challenges you face while interacting with them.

So, I incubated a 3 weekend marathon for me where every weekend I choose a web based product/idea and would work on it to provide my proposed solution to provied an enriched user experience, visual makeover and rich interaction patterns. redesign was one of the three projects that I did. Although, I would like to point out that I could not complete the entire project and could only do the homepage and login pages design. I would pick it up sometime in the coming weekends and add to the project.

The Problems - Identification and their Solutions

Based on my experience using for a lot of online shopping, I categorized the problems I was to focus on in the design into three avenues - Information design, UI Design and Interaction Design.

Information Design
If you have ever visited or went to the website to make an online purchase, you would have found that the entire website seems like a dump of information that at many places destroys its heirarchy, structure and organization. I strongly feel that it create a lot of cognitive load for a human user to read, understand and articulate decisions on such a clutter of information load. It's always significant to design information and display them in accordance to user behavior, need/demand, and context of use.

Eg 1: The Navigation and Search.
The Amazon header navigation and global search can me much enhanced to provider better rich information to the user. In my design, I have proposed to replace scope search in Amazon that is hidden to keep them permanently with more personalized interaction. Based onthe user's search and shopping history, the shopping categories with automatically personalize (not all) and user would have the ability to pin them based on their shopping/search frequency.

Old Design

Old Design

Eg 2: Landing Page - User Summary
When a user comes to the amazon page with any intent, it's is always good to recogonize the user and help her with a quick glimpse of information relevant to her interaction with the website all throughout. Any orders placed, reward points, any balances due, etc. This helps the user in deciding where her next action could also be. The current design of Amazon website have summary divided into multiple places - Shopping History and Stats on orders, balances etc. The new proposed design gives user a snapshot of thr summary for his account including his shopping summary and other amazon previledges he has been using.

Old Design

Orders, Order Notifications
When a user logins to his account in Amazon, there is no way that she would know of any current on-order items or even notifications on their status updates. They are hidden within the Navigation > Orders > List of Orders. Still, a user would only have to follow these clicks to check for an update on their ordered items. I designed a notification section that is part of the global navigation bar and keeps users informaed of any new updates on their on-ordered items. Even, their orders section is a big visual icon that gives a quick summary on any items on current order. See the image below for reference.

Old Design

UI Design - Visual Design, Theme
I feel that a lot can be improved with the interface design of the amazon website. Rich visuals, organizaed information, consistent and uniformity in use of color theme would make the website a lot more appealing and provide better experience during the duration of their experience with the website. Please take a look at the designs that gives vivid insights how it can be acheived.

Future improvements - A lot left to be done
There are a lot of other problems that I want to solve, helping users to have a better experience with the website, eg: UI behavior across devices, Ad modules and their contextual use, etc. I will keep working on it and update on any new designs I come up with. Keep in touch!!

My design sprints initiative helped me in a lot of ways. The very first I would say, would be to keep challenging myself to test my skills and improvize them to be able to do the best in what I love to do. Design is not just my career interest but also my passion. I love the intersection of design and technology and how these can help people connect and communicate across the globe, despite of being separated by different cultures, traditions, interests, language barriers, etc.

I have always been fascinated by the power of a human centered design, that can help humans to solve complex problems with ease and simplicity. Working on the design sprints of redesigning some of the web based applications has helped me to closely understand how people have been using different applications and design centered changes can help these applications become more usable and interacting.

I strongly feel that some of the changes in a designer is only being brought by himself. Keeping in touch with the current design trends - web, mobile, tablets is very significant to be ready for an challenge that comes to him. I learned a lot from the three projects I have worked on during my design sprint challenge. I srtive everyday to improve myself in bringing out better and more usable ideas to existing and new problems. I usually work on problems that I witness as daly routine in my life and it helps me to challenge the designer within me to think of a solution that would best address the problem involved.