Domain: UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design
Team Size:  01
Organization:  Edifecs / Roundglass

Gmypik is a fitness discovery platform. Gympik helps fitness enthusiasts explore and find the finest gyms and fitness studios that pertains to their needs, interests and set goals. Whether one is looking casually to sign up a summer zumba class, or someone who is set forth on a goal to build a stronger physique or someone who love dancing and looking for like minded groups to be part of - Gympik has it all. Gympik aims to become the most favorite fitness destination for every individual across India and beyond.


Again, since the project is propreitary to Edifecs/Roundglass, I may not be able to share all the details, but feel free to get in touch with me to learn more about the design journey I took to craft this beautiful fitness platform -