Zillow.com redesign
Domain: UX Design, Visual Design
Team Size:  01
Organization:  Self Driven
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Zillow.com redesign is my third project as part of my design sprint. Design Sprint was a self curated weekend design marathon where I picked one web based application I have experience with and tried to use my skills and expertise to enhance its user experience. Similar to "Amazon.com Redesign" and "Flat n Flatmates", I broke down the redesign work into the following disciplines - Information Design, UI Design, Interaction Design and Visual Design.

Zillow.com is a real-estate website that provides a discovery platform for people looking for buy new homes, rent new apartments or sell theirs. With over 100 million monthly users who look through the website to find right and useful information, the experience becomes very critical to help retain the users and their intresets. I personally felt that Zillow.com websites could be revamped a lot better just by improvizing into the aforementioned disciplines to provide a better, enriched experience to its users.

Other Projects of the "Design Sprint Weekend Challenge"

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Team Size


My Role

User Experience Design, Visual Design

Tools Used

UI Design: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch

Design Idea

The project, "Design Sprint" started with the idea of improving my own skills and testing them to see how I can use my learnings and design expertise to design better experience for real working web based products. Of course, the best ones to choose for the project, are the ones which you are yourself a user of, as you already are aware of the problems and challenges you face while interacting with them.

So, I incubated a 3 weekend marathon for me where every weekend I choose a web based product/idea and would work on it to provide my proposed solution to provied an enriched user experience, visual makeover and rich interaction patterns. I picked Zillow.com owing to many factors including

. Zillow estimates over 100 million users per month
. Scope of improvement across - Information Design, UI Design, Interaction Design
. Adaptibilitty of its websites across devices - Desktop, Mobile, Tablets

Zillow.com redesign was one of the three projects that I did. Although, I would like to point out that I could not complete the entire project and could only do the homepage and login pages design. I would pick it up sometime in the coming weekends and add to the project.

Competitive Analysis

I took some time to quickly study few websites who are in discovery platform business or real estate business like - Redfin, Airbnb, Houzz, Housing.com and took a note of those significant features that make them stand apart from other websites, applications. Some of the important notes that came out of that research were - . Clear use of information and segmenting information where needed in demand - Information hierarchy, grouping and design
. Clean, Simple UI with consistent visual theme
. Use of large visuals
. Prompt Actions - Prioritization of Actions based on context of use and relevance


Getting an overall understanding and prioritizing what I need to focus on first on the redesign process, I started working on the Search Results page, redesigning the Login Page, designing the same for mobile devices. Search Results page is the most significant page that any user would use in Zillow's website. I started out first working with my sketchbook to design ideas on how to simplify and improvize the UI for the current pages. Moving forward, I worked with Sketch tool to design the UI I worked on my sketch book with a clean visual aesthetic, keeping in mind the color theme of zillow website.

My design sprints initiative helped me in a lot of ways. The very first I would say, would be to keep challenging myself to test my skills and improvize them to be able to do the best in what I love to do. Design is not just my career interest but also my passion. I love the intersection of design and technology and how these can help people connect and communicate across the globe, despite of being separated by different cultures, traditions, interests, language barriers, etc.

I have always been fascinated by the power of a human centered design, that can help humans to solve complex problems with ease and simplicity. Working on the design sprints of redesigning some of the web based applications has helped me to closely understand how people have been using different applications and design centered changes can help these applications become more usable and interacting.

I strongly feel that some of the changes in a designer is only being brought by himself. Keeping in touch with the current design trends - web, mobile, tablets is very significant to be ready for an challenge that comes to him. I learned a lot from the three projects I have worked on during my design sprint challenge. I srtive everyday to improve myself in bringing out better and more usable ideas to existing and new problems. I usually work on problems that I witness as daly routine in my life and it helps me to challenge the designer within me to think of a solution that would best address the problem involved.

Zillow.com has been an interesting web application to think about redesigning it. Websites like zillow have huge amount of data and it becomes very essential to understand what kind of data, when and which type of users would want while interacting wit hthe web application. Thereby, as a designer it becomes very crucial to design for a certain screen space, with a good understanding of the users and wearing users' hats to understand what would be more important for them to look upfront while which type and how much data can be bruied for on-demand requests. In today's world where people have started investing a lot of time indoors - with help of technology being able to look through different options and analysing them, experimenting to see what fits to their needs, wants, budget, etc. I love working with data and creating a simple and usable solution for the intended users to be able to get the best experience.

Working on a real estate website was an interesting challenge as I tried to wear the shoe of an actual user to the application, capture users' intent on different scenarios and addressed them through the improvized new design I proposed.